The Top 5 Small-Business Payroll Solutions in Australia

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If you’re looking for a payroll service in Australia, look no further. Below are some of the best picks you can make for this vital task.

Getting your payroll right is essential, both to keep staff happy and to comply with tax and business legislation. And it’s not particularly easy to do so in Australia, with complex rules around superannuation and so forth. For small, simple payrolls it can be feasible to handle them in-house, but with larger or more complicated salary rolls and calculations, it can often be overwhelming. Getting the right payroll service provider enables you to concentrate instead on your core business, and let this complicated area of business and business legislation be handled by those who’re experts at it.


Payroll Services Australia offers 2 decades of experience and is part of the established Accounts and Advice group, based in Melbourne. They offer accurate and simple payroll processing for companies both small and large, capable of handling runs of up to a thousand pay packets. They’re payroll specialists willing to offer cost effective, tailored solutions to all payroll issues. Their staff offer both taxation and payroll services specialists, with superannuation as a specialty and the expertise to guide ou through the day-to-day leave and compliance legislation.

NGA Global Payroll Solutions

NGA offer a suite of payroll services in Australia, from their proprietary payroll system to fully outsourced payroll and beyond for a fully managed payroll service across continents. They’re and international firm with offices world-wide to assist you in maintaining full compliance with local and international legislation regarding legal updates, compliance and error-free operation. This enables you to keep your own core objectives in focus while resting assured that a competent team are handling this vital business aspect.

The Top 5 Small-Business Payroll Solutions in Australia

CXC Global

CXC global payroll services is another global option for payroll control over multi-national operations. Their specific focus is the complexities of payrolls in multi-tier companies to save you money and time. They offer special focuses on insurance, superannuation and of course taxes as well as the payment of staff. You’ll save time and money on this complex monthly task with full risk management, close control and an increase in productivity. They bring a 15 year track record to the table, and offer full package customisation.Click here to read more information about CXC Global payroll services

Affinity Outsourcing.

Affinity outsourcing are an Australian based specialist payroll service provider with 30 years’ experience to put on the table. They delight in solving the problems of complex payrolls and delivering accurate, timeous results for their clients that remain fully compliant.

Advanced Payroll Services.

Another Australian service provider, Advanced Payroll Services offers the ideal solution for smaller to medium sized businesses. They again focus specifically on superannuation legislation, and offer specialist local solutions to local payroll problems. They were built from the ground up in Australian conditions, not adapted from international models, and this places them ready to succeeded with local more information about APS by clicking here

With these great payroll service providers for the Australian market, you can’t go wrong no matter your business size.

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