The Many Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

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Payroll outsourcing offers many benefits, especially to small businesses. Perhaps the most important benefit of payroll outsourcing is enabling employers to better focus on their main business, rather than burdensome administrative tasks.

With changing times and needs, modern employers are turning to payroll outsourcing to meet their needs. An employer’s goal is to outsource their administrative functions and focus on the critical elements of their business. Translation: Employers want to do what they do best and have someone else do the rest. As payroll increasingly involves more variables like tax forms and management reports, it makes more sense for employers to use payroll services to handle their payroll processing. read more information on choosing the payroll services at

Why outsource payroll? First, payroll services save employers both time and money. Hiring a payroll service can help you save on salary costs by lessening the load on your bookkeeper. A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers confirms that payroll outsourcing is actually less expensive than handling it internally. Nearly every company finds that payroll services are cheaper in the long more information on bookkeeping by clicking here

The Many Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Secondly, allowing another company to handle payroll services puts that responsibility into the hands of a specialist (or a team of specialists) who knows the ins and outs of payroll tax complexities. That, in turn, can save an employer from payroll mistakes and help that employer to avoid IRS penalties. In a study from the IRS, on 40% of small business employers pay payroll tax penalties each year, with penalties averaging $845! By using an outside company for payroll processing, you can utilize the specialized expertise of a payroll firm and save money on costly errors. Plus, when turnover occurs in the payroll department, there will not be a dramatic shift in payroll or the need to re-train a new employee.

Payroll services also help employers to offer direct deposit to their staff. Integrating direct deposit is more easily handled by a specialized payroll services company, rather than an individual employer. This is the preferred form of payment by most employees because they do not have to physically deposit a check each pay period and they benefit from reduced or eliminated bank fees.

Companies also often use employees for administrative tasks in addition to their regular job duties. By utilizing a payroll service, those employees can better focus on what is in their job description and specialized task. This makes a company more efficient and productive.

Finally, having payroll services handled by an outside company removes the element of constantly updating payroll services technology, software or information. All of these elements are consistently updated and implemented by the outside company conducting payroll outsourcing.

Now, how does payroll outsourcing work? Well, first of all there are three types of payroll outsourcing companies. These are Professional Employer Organizations, Business Process Outsourcing, and online payroll services.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) not only handles payroll services, but also serves as an employer’s human resources department. This includes the responsibilities of payroll services, benefits, hiring and firing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to companies in all areas of out-sourcing (IT, human resources, etc.), not just payroll outsourcing. BPOs are usually correlated with updated technology. Online payroll services provide web-based software that make it easy for you to do your own data entry, thus resulting in a lower cost. Your company’s size and needs will help determine which payroll processing option is best for your business

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